• Rod Holder Mount Bracket Fits Lund boats with Sport Track, Lowe and G3 track systems

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    Our rod holder mounting bracket is compatible with Lund boats equipped with the Sport Track built-in track system.  It also fits Lowe and G3 boats. It fits straight and angled gunwale track systems as shown in the photos.

    Our brackets feature a compact design at 2” wide by 6-1/2” long with easy access knobs, and all stainless steel hardware.

    Brackets are pre-drilled and tapped to fit rod holders from Scotty, Cabela’s, Cannon, RAM and others. Includes stainless steel machine screws for mounting the rod holder to the bracket. Installation is fast and easy!

    Rod holders can be installed on our brackets and the brackets can be installed onto your boat in literally a couple minutes. Rod holder is not included.

    Once installed a simple loosening of the knobs allow you to slide your rod holder into a new position on the gunwale then tighten the knobs to lock it into position.

    These mounting brackets are available in Silver or Blackout, so please select the color or silver will be shipped. These brackets feature our premium anodized finish to cut glare and provide just the right amount of sheen. CNC precision machined from marine grade aluminum in the USA by Depth Raider Marine Products.

    Be careful of other manufacturer’s brackets out there. We use thicker aluminum, use our CNC machines to round the edges then drill and tap the holes so there are no bolts or nuts sticking out on the back side, and no rough edges to scratch your boat. Other manufacturers use thin aluminum which requires spacers since you will need nuts on the back side to hold the rod holder in place. Also, other manufacturers don’t include the machine screws to mount your rod holders. So now it’s a trip to the hardware store. As far as finish is concerned, don’t be fooled. While some leave the aluminum bare, and some paint with a spray can, one thing is for sure - anodizing is the best way to protect aluminum from the elements. It hardens the surface of the aluminum, it looks great, won’t scratch easily or rub off.

    So while our mounting brackets may be couple bucks more you get a premium anodized finish, it’s available in silver or blackout and it includes the stainless screws for mounting the rod holders which saves you a trip to the hardware store. Quality is never free but you get a lot more for a couple of bucks with Depth Raider products.