• Inner-Flow Downrigger Cable

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    Inner Flow cable is a specialized cable for speed and temp systems that replaces standard coated cable.  It features an outer braided stainless steel sheath and an inner coated single strand copper wire which carries the signal.  The main advantage of Inner Flow cable is its abrasion resistance.  Since the outer sheath is stainless steel strands as compared to plastic in standard speed and temp cable, abrasion of the cable is virtually eliminated.  The disadvantage is that our testing has shown that the maximum depth performance is reduced due to the signal wire being located inside the stainless braided sheath.  We've heard improved depth performance mentioned all over the internet, but in fact our testing showed a slight reduction in maximum depth performance when using Inner Flow cable.  If you are consistently fishing shallower than 150 feet down with your probe then this cable is for you if you need high abrasion resistance.  We will also advise it is a bugger to work with as the outer stainless strands want to unravel immediately after cutting.  So we recommend to put a piece of tape over the  cable where you want to cut it and then cut through the tape to prevent unraveling.  Inner Flow cable is only recommended for use with Clincher terminations, and the clincher is included with our cable.  Full detailed instructions are also included and also shown below.  Our clincher kit does not require drilling out the rivet so disregard steps 1 and 2. Also, our clincher kit, includes the stainless steel hardware and ring terminal so there is nothing else you will need.