• Dual Axis 3-Rod Adjustable Rod Tree with track or direct mount base

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    The Depth Raider Dual Axis 3-Rod Adjustable Rod Tree features three one-hand adjustable rod holders, each rod holder offering 5 locking positions from horizontal to vertical.  The rod holders mount to the upright tube with custom designed adjustable clamps allowing the rod holders to be positioned to angle toward the bow or stern providing maximum rod tip separation while providing maximum holding power.   

    The Rod Tree also includes a fixed position rod holder directly at the top of the upright tube, which can also be used as a net holder. No other adjustable tree on the market offers this extra rod holder!

    Depth Raider’s proprietary base mount allows for quick removal of the tree while leaving the mount in the track, and flats machined on the base post also allow the tree to rotate every 90 degrees, yet rigidly hold position by simply tightening the locking knob. Trees are available with a track mount to fit track from Depth Raider, Berts, Cannon, Traxstech or Cisco.  Our trees are also available with a 4x4” direct mount base. Mast is 36” tall.

    Feature’s Depth Raider’s exclusive ULTRA-TEX textured and anodized finish for long-term durability.

    4-Rod Adjustable Trees and 2-Rod Adjustable Trees also available, please contact us.