• 3-Rod Welded Rod Tree with track base or direct mount base


    The Depth Raider 3-Rod Welded Rod Tree features 3 rod holders TIG welded onto a 36” x 2” OD mast tube at the proper angle to provide maximum rod tip separation.  Additionally, each of the rod holders is rotated slightly from the other to further enhance rod tip separation. The top rod tube is rotated slightly toward the bow, and the bottom rod tube is rotated slightly toward the stern as shown in the top-view picture.  Most welded trees do not include this feature but it is an important feature that provides enhanced rod tip separation preventing the tips of your rods from clicking and clacking together under certain wave conditions – a situation that occurs frequently when all rod holders are in line on the mast.  Those that have fished big water know exactly what we are talking about!

    The Depth Raider Rod Tree also includes a 4th rod holder directly at the top of the mast tube, which can also be used as a net holder.

    Depth Raider’s proprietary base mount allows for quick removal of the tree while leaving the mount in the track, and flats machined on the solid base post also allow the tree to rotate every 90 degrees, yet rigidly hold position and prevent rotation by simply tightening the locking knob. A great feature for turning the trees inward prior to pulling up to the boat dock!  Trees are available with a track mount to fit track from Depth Raider, Berts, Cannon, Traxstech or Cisco. Our trees are also available with a 4x4” direct mount base.

    Rod Tree is manufactured with 2” OD tubing and includes our exclusive Ultra Tex textured and anodized finish for long-term durability.

    This listing is for one welded 3-rod tree with black rod caps and a removable base.

    Please select from Port or Starboard configurations.